A personal bankruptcy person by a scholarship exists in the world. I have to return a scholarship in the future personally, so I think I work, and you should do university entrance into a school of higher grade of money after I save without entering a school of higher grade by the power which isn't borrowed when it can't be returned. If I enter a subtle university so that you can't get a job, do you say that I don't have that until a scholarship is borrowed intentionally? University entrance into a school of higher grade looks like the past and when I say whether it'll be the advantage which enters a good enterprise to enter a university already, not the difficult time, is a question. What is the meaning to borrow a scholarship in such and go to a university? For example there is a field one would like to study at any cost, and even if I enter a different but subtle university when I'd like to participate in the enterprise which isn't placed and public duties when not entering a university, its possibility should be quite small. When entering a university, it's understood, but after all the student studying seriously at a university is rare. Therefore the person emphasizes whether it itself fits us more than the one an enterprise polished by empty college life. It's also fact that there is a wall which isn't also crossed via a university for saying so. 


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