The movie "Back to the future" was released 1985.

The producer was, you know, Steven Spielburg!!
 and the director was Robert Zemeckis.

Main actor: Marty Mcfly was Michel J Fox!!

Mirty McFly

出典Universal pictures

He was acting a little naughty boy as "Mirty Mcfly".

Main actor:Doc Emmet L Brown as "Cristopher LLoyd"

Doc Emmet L Brow as "Cristoper LLoyd"

出典universal picures

He was acted a little mad??? scientist "Doc Emmet L Brown".

Doc was stollen some plutonium terrorist for succeed him invention.

Mmm, that's amazing...

Main acotor:Dellorean !!!!

Dellorean by dellorean motors corporation

出典universal pictures

Main actor???

But this car has important meaning this movie.

So, main actor!

So Let's start dictation "Back to the future"

Next time, Let's start dictation the "Back to the future" movie.

Thank you for your watchig.

See you next time!


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