Why am I studing English?

It's my dream since five years old.

My first met of English was MSX.

Do you know MSX?

This was a personal computer as "パソコン" in 80's.

This PC producted by, famous, big company, Microsoft corporation.

This could be programming "Basic" launguage. also could run Video game Cartridge.

Ofcourse the Basic launguage is English base.'case the MSX made in America.

This was soooo surprise met ! That was'nt Japanese! I don't know how to do I!

So, If I can speak English , I can play more Video game!! Simply I thought 5 years old.

I started seriously study Communication by English

I want to make friends all over the world!

When I became Junior high school student, I thought that.

But!! the Japanese school English was tooooo boring!!!

Why did I study "SVOC" !! What is "SVC + XXXX" !!!
And teacher liked clever student, so I was hated from teacher.

I had proud I didn't loose anyone by English. and I got the high score of the English exam, but , teacher didn't give me 5(the highest score of the term repot).

My best score of the English was 4.

It was too boring, and I was so sad.

I think It wasn't English. It was just only Exam.

I want to make friends all over the world!!

My wish is (no change since I was teenager) making friends all over the world!

I want to communicate everyone!!

So, I started for me English study!

The last, this page is dictation something

This page is for me!! (笑)

I think dictation is shortly grow up English skill.

So I'll start dictation on this page with movie I like!

The first is "Back to the future !! "

I'll start tommorrow!( I think I said like this yesterday ww!!!)



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